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5145 Accreditation

Morrison Academy shall maintain joint accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).


5150 Satellite Campuses

The requirements for establishing a satellite school include:

  1. A written request from a recognized Member Mission organization to start a school in a given area where there is currently no Morrison campus.
  2. The request must be submitted no later than January 1st of the year in which the campus is to be established.
  3. There must be at least seven students Grades 1-6, at least four of whom are children of missionaries. In satellite campuses, non-missionary children will be admitted on the basis of normal Morrison Academy admission requirements as well as their potential for contributing to the Christian, social and learning climate of the school. Students in Grades 7 and 8 may be admitted on the approval of the Superintendent, upon recommendation of the coordinating Principal.
  4. There must be available building space in a location that will give the largest potential enrollment to the proposed campus.
  5. There must be an available, qualified teacher.
  6. There must be an agreement by parents of the children involved to provide volunteer help as aides in the instructional process.
  7. There must be a firm commitment at the time of the request from all parents who will have children in the school.
  8. If the proposed budget deficit is greater than NT$500,000, tuition discounts may be reduced in order to reduce the proposed deficit to below NT$500,000. When missionaries are unwilling to pay the increased tuition cost and/or when reduced tuition discounts are unable to keep the proposed budget deficit below the NT$500,000, the Board of Trustees will determine if the school will remain open.

The continuation of a satellite school will depend on the ongoing needs of the missionary community.


ADMISSIONS 5200 - 5299

5205 Enrollment Limitations

Enrollment in Morrison Academy is restricted to students that meet the ROC requirements for enrollment in international schools.

The Board shall set enrollment limits according to the space available in the physical plant, as well as other considerations which will protect the integrity of the school's primary purpose of educating the children of missionaries throughout Taiwan.

During any school year in which the number of missionary and Christian worker’s children on any campus falls below 20% or the number of missionary and Christian worker children in the Morrison system falls below 30%, the Superintendent must present a report to the Board of Trustees by the second Board meeting of the fiscal year with evidence that each campus which falls below these enrollment minimums contributes to the fulfillment of the position statements of Morrison Academy. The report will include, but is not limited to the following:

  1. A projection of the number of missionary and Christian worker’s children which are likely to be enrolled in the coming years
  2. Evidence to show that the Christ-centered Core Values are not adversely affected
  3. Evidence of the strategic impact of the campus on mission outreach in Taiwan
  4. Strategic rationale for maintaining the current enrollment
  5. Effect on the overall system

Following this report, the Board will take appropriate action.

Grade Level Enrollment Limits
Enrollment in each grade level shall be maintained within the following limits:

Grade Level Maximum Size Minimum Size ELL Students
Kindergarten 18 students 8 students 50%
First Grade 20 students 9 students 40%
Second Grade 22 students 9 students 40%
Third Grade 23 students 10 students 30%
Fourth - Fifth Grade 24 students 10 students 30%
Sixth - Eighth Grade 25 students 10 students 20%
Kaohsiung and Taipei 9th – 12th Grades 25 students 5 students
Taichung 9th - 12th Grades 45 students 5 students

When enrollment numbers do not exceed 70% of the “Maximum Size”, initial applications for Long Term Financial Aid grants may be considered. These grants may be used to assist students that will contribute to the school culture and will comply with POLICY#4285 FINANCIAL AID.

While there are no grade level limits for enrollment of LN students, each year administration will reassess the LN points for each grade level and ensure the appropriate number of LN resources (e.g., LNS or aides) is provided. In addition, if there are mid-year admissions of MKs, an additional assessment will be made at the time of admission.

The addition of Grades 10-12 in Kaohsiung and Taipei is intended to provide parents and students a choice of quality, biblically integrated high school programs offered in Kaohsiung, Taichung and Taipei. Grade Level Enrollment Limits are established in order to preserve the Christian ethos in student peer culture so as to be in line with our position statements.

In split grade level classrooms, Grades 1-8, classes shall be limited to a maximum of 20 students. In multi-level (three or more grade levels) classrooms, Grades 1-6, classes shall be limited to 12 students. Kindergarten through Grade 8 shall be limited to one section per grade level on each campus.

These enrollment limits may be exceeded in order to include additional newly enrolled children of missionaries. Enrollment shall be brought back in line as soon as possible by normal attrition. The Superintendent, after consultation with or upon request from a Principal, may make an exception to these Grade Level Enrollment Limits. The Superintendent shall report all exceptions at a meeting of the Board of Trustees.


5210 Admission Priorities

Each application for admission to the school will be considered on an individual basis. Where it is considered that an applicant is unlikely to comply with Morrison Academy’s standards of conduct, then the applicant may be denied admission. (See Policy # 5400 STANDARDS OF CONDUCT).

Any applicants who fulfill the requirements specified in the admissions policies (Policy #5200 through Policy #5299) will be admitted according to the following admission priorities:

FIRST PRIORITY - Children of missionaries (see definition in Policy #1613 MISSIONARY)

SECOND PRIORITY - Children of Christian workers (see definition in Policy #1614 CHRISTIAN WORKER)

THIRD PRIORITY - Other children. The following factors will be given consideration in making enrollment decisions:

  • The applicant's parents demonstrate an alignment with Morrison Academy's Core Values Statement.
  • Morrison is able to meet the educational needs of the applicant.
  • The applicant has the potential for making a positive contribution to a Christian environment.
  • The applicant has brothers or sisters currently enrolled in Morrison Academy.
  • The applicant's parent(s) attended Morrison Academy.
  • The applicant used to attend Morrison Academy.

Any applicants who are unable to fulfill the requirements specified in the admissions policies (Policy #5200 through Policy #5299) will not be eligible for admission.


5220 Age For Entrance

Children must be five years old by September 1 of the year they wish to enter kindergarten. The Principal may deny enrollment if it is determined by standardized testing that sufficient maturity is lacking for the students who meet the age criterion.

First Grade
Children must be six years old by September 1 of the year they wish to enter first grade, and have been promoted from a kindergarten recognized by Morrison Academy. The Principal may waive the kindergarten promotion requirement providing that the child is ready for the first grade, as determined by standardized testing.


5230 Grade Placement

Students are ordinarily placed into the appropriate grade indicated by their school records as confirmed by the Principal.

In cases of high achievement, students normally will not be placed ahead of their age appropriate grade.


5235 Transfer

Students will normally be allowed to transfer to another Morrison campus, provided that they meet the criteria established in Policy #5205 Enrollment Limitations, Policy #5240 Learning Needs Program, Policy #5290 Students' Living Arrangements and Policy #5351 Continuing Enrollment.


5240 Learning Needs Program

Students with Learning Needs (LN) are those students who require special educational accommodations and curricular modifications and/or related support services in order to allow them to function at an age/grade appropriate level. These students must have been identified as having physical, mental, behavioral, or sensory characteristics that deviate from the norm.

Students who have been identified as having learning needs beyond what the school has adequate resources to address will be ineligible for admission to the school.

Missionary children with Learning Needs will be considered for admission to the school. Normally, LN students who are not children of missionaries will be ineligible for admission to the school, though exceptions may be made by the Superintendent, provided that the school is capable of meeting their educational needs.

In addition to normal admission procedures, the Principal will determine eligibility for admission using the following criteria:

  1. The ability of the school to provide qualified personnel and appropriate resources beyond the year of admission.
  2. The school's potential for helping the family meet their educational goals for the student.
  3. The results of screening, interviewing, and testing procedures.
  4. Adherence to enrollment limitations as stated in Policy #5205 ENROLLMENT LIMITATIONS.
  5. The strengths of the teacher(s).

If admission to the school is contingent upon participation in special needs classes and/or related support services, then parents will be notified in advance of the cost of such services.

Grade Placement
The Principal, when possible, will consult with appropriate staff members regarding grade placement of special needs students. The Principal will make the final decision regarding grade placement after appropriate testing and consultation.

The major factors in determining grade placement are age, maturation, academic ability, and past school performance. In most cases, LN students will be placed no lower than one grade below his/her expected grade level, as determined by chronological age. The Superintendent, after consultation with or request from the Principal, may approve the placement of a student lower than one grade level below his/her expected grade level.


5250 English Language Learners

English Language Learners (ELL) are those students who require extra language support in order to function at an age or grade appropriate level.

ELL students may be admitted if there is a reasonable probability that they will be performing at their appropriate age/grade level within three years of admittance. Those students who have significant ELL needs at the 6-12 grade levels will be ineligible for admittance. Exceptions may be made by the Superintendent for the children of missionaries.

In addition to normal admission procedures, the Principal will determine eligibility for admission using the following criteria:

  1. The ability of the school to provide qualified personnel and appropriate resources beyond the year of admittance.
  2. The school's potential for helping the family meet their educational goals for the student.
  3. The results of screening, interview, and testing procedures.
  4. Enrollment limitations as stated in Policy #5205 Enrollment Limitations.
  5. The strengths of the teacher(s).

Parents will be notified if admittance is contingent upon participation in the ELL program and will be notified of the cost of such services.

Grade Placement
The Principal, when possible, will consult with appropriate staff members regarding grade placement of ELL students. The Principal will make the final decision regarding grade placement after appropriate testing and consultation.

The major factors in determining grade placement are age, maturation, academic ability, and past school performance. In most cases, ELL students will be placed no lower than one grade below his/her expected grade level, as determined by chronological age. The Superintendent, after consultation with or request from the Principal, may approve a placement of a student lower than one grade level below his/her expected grade level.


5270 Special Cases

Students who are married, pregnant or have children, or other special cases, will be considered for admission on an individual basis.


5290 Students' Living Arrangements

During the school calendar year, students enrolled at Morrison Academy must live with a parent, guardian, or an adult designated by a parent or guardian. Any designated adult must be approved by the School Principal. Failure to abide by this regulation will result in the student's discontinuation of enrollment from Morrison Academy. For all students not living with their parents, a form must be submitted by the parent to the Principal designating a legal guardian for the student.


INSTRUCTION 5300 - 5399

5300 School Goals

Morrison Academy will endeavor,

  1. In working with students, to
    1. Incorporate Christian faith and learning into the biblically-integrated curriculum.
    2. Seek to actively engage students in learning.
    3. Strive to adapt instruction to the experiences, the maturation, the abilities, and the learning styles of each individual student.
    4. Maintain curriculum standards acceptable for entrance into universities and colleges of high academic standing, particularly in the United States,
  2. In working with families, to
    1. Cooperate closely with parents regarding the student's progress.
    2. Seek to understand the parents' educational expectations for their children.
    3. Help parents to understand the school's purpose and program.
    4. Help parents of non-American heritage to understand the effects of the school's culture on their children.
  3. In working with students of many cultural heritages, to
    1. Provide supplemental instruction for students who are identified as English Language Learners.
    2. Encourage understanding of religious, cultural, and national customs and values.
    3. Help students acquire a sense of ownership in their own language and culture.
  4. In working with missions and missionaries serving in Taiwan, to
    1. Provide Christian educational opportunity for K-12 students based on a USA model.
    2. Provide regional campuses
    3. Provide satellite school educational opportunities
    4. Provide assistance to parents who are home schooling their children


5310 Prayer

As an educational institution committed to teaching a biblically integrated curriculum, and with a mandate from our founders to pray both morning and afternoon, classroom teachers are encouraged to take advantage of every opportunity to pray with their students as is fitting to the integration of biblical truth as shared in the classroom.


5330 Instructional Time Requirements

The school year shall provide 180 plus/minus 2 instructional days. To be counted as an instructional day, a minimum of 180 minutes of instructional time shall be provided.

The first day of the school year will normally be the second Monday or second Wednesday of August at the discretion of the System Administrative Council. Student vacations will include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Fall break (5 week days)
  • American Thanksgiving (2 week days)
  • Christmas break (10 week days)
  • Chinese New Year break (5 week days)
  • Easter break (5 week days)

The starting and closing times for each school will be established by the Principal, with the approval of the Superintendent.

A normal school day, including lunch and passing time, will be:

  • Kindergarten - not less than 180 minutes
  • Elementary/Middle School - not less than 330 minutes
  • High School - not less than 360 minutes

The Superintendent and/or Principal may order the closing of school in an emergency. Days lost will be made up as recommended by the Superintendent.


5335 Crisis Contingency

Should Morrison Academy be forced to close its physical campuses due to any reason such as epidemic, political instability or military action, the school shall maintain a crisis contingency plan for online learning that would enable the students to finish their studies for the current semester.


5340 Student Records

The school will maintain educational records for each student that reflect the academic, physical, emotional, and social aspects of the child's development in the educational process. Administrative guidelines shall be established to ensure that records are kept in a fair, accurate, and appropriate manner.

The school recognizes the individual's right to privacy and the right of students, parents, or guardians to review school records in the presence of appropriate professional staff. Parents or guardians of minor students also have the right to obtain copies of educational records pertaining to their child.

Students over eighteen and parents of minor students have the right to challenge contents of school records to ensure that they are not inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of the privacy or other rights of the student.

A student’s records will be sent to another educational institution when requested by the student who is eighteen years of age or older or by the parent when the student in question is a minor.


5351 Continuing Enrollment

Students are granted continued enrollment if all of the following conditions are met.

  1. Compliance with policies and procedures regarding passport and Taiwan visa requirements
  2. Age-equivalent academic progress, or enrollment in a modified instructional program
  3. Conduct or influence which is consistent with Christian principles and school policies and procedures (See Policy # 5400 STANDARDS OF CONDUCT)
  4. Compliance with policies and procedures regarding students' living arrangements
  5. Availability of programs and resources which meet the educational needs of the student

When one or more of the above mentioned conditions are not met, enrollment may be discontinued by the Superintendent (see Policy #5540 DISCONTINUATION OF ENROLLMENT).


5352 Graduation Requirements

Twenty-four (24) units of high school credit are required for graduation. These credits shall include the following:

0.5 credit of Bible for each semester enrolled in
the high school at Morrison Academy
4 credits of English
3 credits of Social Studies
(required courses are: World History, US History
(or substitute), and Government)
1.5 credits of Physical Education
2 credits of Science
3 credits of Mathematics
0.5 credit of Health
1 credit of Visual and Performing Arts

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits each semester. Credits will be granted on the basis of acceptable grades for class time spent. Any exceptions to this policy will be made by the Principal with the Superintendent's approval.


5353 Commencement

The Board is responsible for maintaining the graduation requirements and officially conferring the diplomas to our graduating students. The responsibility for the graduation ceremony will rest with the principal of each high school. A board member will present the diplomas to the graduates.

The local high school principal will also be responsible for any school-sponsored senior reception. The members of the Board of Trustees are to be invited to both events.



5400 Standards of Student Conduct

Morrison Academy is committed to the Word of God and its authority regarding all matters of Christian faith and living. The school promotes biblical standards of Christian conduct, including a loving and respectful attitude toward God and others, honesty, respect for other's property, and high moral standards. Students are expected to adhere to the laws of Taiwan.

While on campus or at school-sponsored functions the following activities are prohibited:

  • Bullying, scorning, or mocking
  • Profanity
  • Provocative sexual behavior
  • Premarital sex
  • Promotion of or involvement in unbiblical sexual conduct
  • Harassment (See Policy #1650 HARASSMENT)
  • Child abuse (See Policy #1651 CHILD ABUSE)
  • Possession or use of pornographic materials
  • Promotion of or involvement in the occult
  • Promotion or use of violence
  • Possession, use, or promotion of unauthorized controlled substances, illegal drugs, tobacco products, or alcoholic beverages.
  • Possession or use of potentially dangerous items including, but not limited to, fireworks, knives, guns, and other weapons. The Principal may grant exceptions for adult-supervised use of potentially dangerous items.

Involvement in any of these activities off campus may result in school probation.

Sending or forwarding messages, photos, or images that violate this code of conduct via cell phone, computer, or other digital devices is also prohibited.


5420 Dress Code

Dress code regulations appropriate for each campus are established by administration. Clothing cannot be revealing or bear offensive slogans. Cleanliness, neatness, good grooming, and respect for host country cultural customs are standards Morrison Academy desires to uphold.


5450 Search and Seizure

School lockers and desks are the property of Morrison Academy and are available to the students for their convenience. Administrators reserve the right to search a student's locker or desk, without permission of the student, whenever it is reasonable to assume that the locker contains items which may be hazardous, illegal, stolen, or in violation of school rules.


5470 Peacemaker - Student / Parent

The administration will follow established peacemaker procedures based on Biblical and Peace Pursuit principles of peacemaking with the purpose of reconciliation, ensuring that proper due process and documentation standards are observed.


5480 Dance

Morrison Academy does not permit any form of dance that is inconsistent with Policy #5400 STANDARDS OF CONDUCT. The Principal may allow some forms of dance, with a focus on education, exercise, performance or celebration. While on campus or at school authorized events, forms of dance that are sexually provocative or promote exclusive pairing are prohibited.



5510 Philosophy of Discipline

The administrative procedure manual shall establish clear standards in accordance with Taiwan law and the following guidelines:

  1. Means that will help children be responsible for their own actions.
  2. Fairness and equity based upon due process and established guidelines.
  3. Pertinent and frequent communication to parents regarding issues of discipline.
  4. Settling of discipline issues promptly at the lowest appropriate level of control.

More serious offences could result in probation (see Policy #5351 CONTINUING ENROLLMENT) or suspension.


5540 Discontinuation of Enrollment

The Superintendent, after referral from the Principal, may discontinue a student's enrollment for the reasons outlined in Policy #5351 CONTINUING ENROLLMENT. The administration will insure that all aspects of discontinuation of enrollment proceedings will be properly documented and will follow proper due process procedures. The Superintendent will report to the Board any student whose enrollment has been discontinued. Parents may appeal to the Board of Trustees in writing within one week after official notification of discontinuation of enrollment.



5610 Student Activities

Consistent with its stated philosophy, goals and objectives, and in accordance with established regulations, Morrison Academy will provide a variety of athletic, social, cultural, and recreational activities for the development of students. Any school-sponsored student activity that includes a Sunday or falls on a Sunday must follow these Biblical principles: fellowshipping with God and other Christians, preserving adequate time for rest and renewal. The Superintendent is authorized to make exceptions that are deemed valuable to the spiritual life of students.



5700 Abduction and Ransom (Student)

Every reasonable effort shall be made to maintain the safety of Morrison Academy students. If any member of the Morrison Academy student body is abducted, and a ransom is demanded of the school, Morrison Academy will not accede to such demands.


5710 Campus Security

Morrison Academy employs biometrics to enhance campus security for students and staff. Biometric systems make use of body measurements, such as fingerprint scanning or facial recognition, to identify an individual, providing greater security than traditional PIN or swipe card security systems. An opt-out process shall be made available. Biometric data shall be treated with the highest level of security and privacy. All biometric data will be deleted upon an individual’s departure from the Morrison System.


5740 Blood Borne Pathogens

The school must be informed if any student tests positive for a blood borne pathogen, including but not limited to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C.


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