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2005 School Name

The name of the system of schools owned by Morrison Christian Association shall be Morrison Academy.


2010 School Organization

The Morrison Academy school system is organized into kindergarten through 12th grade campuses, a boarding division and satellites. These are all under the authority of the Superintendent and the policies and directives of the Morrison Academy Board of Trustees.


2011 Organizational Chart

Morrison Academy is under the authority of Morrison Christian Association, an organization incorporated in the United States of America, in the state of New Jersey. Organizational lines of authority within Morrison Academy are shown below. (download the pdf)


2020 Channels of Communication

Staff members and students may not represent themselves or officially correspond as agents of Morrison Academy except as authorized by Board policy or by the Superintendent. Staff and students may not use official stationery, official Association seals, or official titles for non-official purposes, unless expressly authorized by the Superintendent. (See Policy #1060 ASSOCIATION SEALS)


2021 Due Process And Confidentiality

The Board of Trustees of Morrison Academy, staff, and employees shall maintain high standards of confidentiality regarding personal information and records about students and employees. The Board of Trustees, staff, and employees shall follow due process in actions regarding students, parents, and employees.


2031 System Administrative Council (SAC)

System Administrative Council (SAC) shall be composed of the Superintendent, the Principals, the Director of Learning, the Director of Human Resources, and the Director of Finance. Other consultants may be asked to attend for input on specific issues. No two members of SAC shall come from the same immediate family.

Except in cases where the Superintendent specifically gives SAC the authority to decide and act, SAC’s role is advisory to the Superintendent in the facilitation of Morrison Academy's administrative functions at the system level.


2040 Administrative Procedures Manuals

System-wide administrative procedures are established written guidelines which direct operations and are in alignment with the policies of the Board of Trustees. These administrative procedure manuals include, but are not limited to, finance, operations, personnel, and instruction. These manuals are published/updated at least annually. The Superintendent approves administrative procedure changes prior to inclusion and implementation.


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